Preparing for the windows washing appointment

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Here are few things to do, to ensure that a window washing appointment goes smoothly.

  1. Create easy access to the windows. Clear the clutter from the windows and raise the blinds all the way up. For anything heavy, ask technician for help, they will be happy to do it – especially if it simplifies their job at the end.
  2. Move anything fragile away from the windows, at least 2 feet. Not only it will protect the valuables from accidents, but things will go a lot faster if technicians don’t have to worry about working around those items.
  3. Consider additional services such as cleaning your screen and storm windows before the job is scheduled. Or call and let us know, that you would like additional services added to the job. This will ensure that the team is properly equipped for the job and has sufficient time to complete it.
  4. Check your screens. We can replace ripped mash, but again, let us know ahead of time to ensure that the team is properly equipped.
Preparing for the windows washing appointment