Tips To Get Your Windows Gleaming

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Windows of a building

Shiny window panes enhance the curb appeal of your home, function as a natural source of light, and improve cross-ventilation. Windows protect us from inclement weather, make a house brighter, and make it feel less confined, stuffy, or gloomy.

Residential windows are constantly exposed to countless contaminants, including dust, debris, and airborne dirt. Experts recommend getting them cleaned periodically to avoid wear and tear and keep allergens and bacteria away from your family.


stained, dirty window

  • Cloth:It’s uber fashionable to use old cotton t-shirts to scrub out streaks from delicate windowpanes without scratching the glass. Soft bristle brushes, non-abrasive microfiber sponges, or a linen cloth also work like a miracle.
  • Water: Try using distilled water to avoid streak formation by minerals present in normal water.
  • Cleaning Agent: Chemical cleaning solutions are harmful tothe panes as well as the environment. Warm, soapy water with a dash of detergent is recommended instead, but chances are you’ll leave marks from soapy suds if you’re not a
  • Traditional Solutions:White vinegar is also an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to clean mirrors and windows. Mix one-part vinegar with a cup of distilled water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray it on the surfaces for a spotless cleaning job! Some experts suggest rubbing lemons instead of vinegar to avoid the smell; just make sure the sparkling glass doesn’t end up with lemon juice stains or pulp.
  • Newspaper: Make use of old newspapers by buffing the glass in circular motions or ‘S’ shape. It absorbs water and miraculously makes windows But make sure to wear gloves to avoid getting ink on your skin, and also the panes.

Leave It on The Pros!

professional cleaners on the windows of a building

The Internet suggests breaking down the cleaning work into intervals by cleaning one set of windows at a time. Well, yes, since everyone is busy, it seems like a good idea, but maybe when you reach the last window, the first one will need re-cleaning. To save time and energy, get deep cleaning done by experts at Smiling Windows within hours!

Regardless of your age, climbing up the ladder to clean higher windows is unsafe. To avoid injuries and medical bills, it’s best to leave the high-risk tasks to professionals trained to clean windows.

Hiring effective window washing services can extend your windows’ life span by removing corrosive debris and using eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions that don’t cause the glass to scratch.

People often think that hiring professionals is only for commercial window washing. We offer residential window washing in Chicago at affordable rates.

If you’re ready to see the magical difference an expert window washing service can make, we invite you to take a tour through our extensive range of services. We offer sills and frame cleaning,windows screen repair, power washing,solar panel cleaning services, and more. Check out our seasonal deals, or call us at 708-639-2315 for a free quote!

Tips To Get Your Windows Gleaming