Power Washing for Beginners—Tips and More

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A professional power-washing the exterior of a house

You’ve probably never given much thought to power-washing, but it can be a game-changer for your property. But of course, before you dive into it, there’s a lot you need to know to get the job done right.

For instance, you need to understand why it’s essential for your house and which spots precisely should you get power washed. And you’re probably thinking about making this a DIY project but hiring professional help is definitely a better option.

Why Should You Power Wash Your House

Power washing is one of those things that don’t seem necessary unless you try them out at least. The difference between a pre-wash and a post-wash house can absolutely blow your mind, but you have to see it to believe it.

Power washing can also address some serious concerns with your house maintenance. It not only removes dirt and grime, but it also gets rid of any mold or algae that has built up, which can eventually add up to permanent damage to your property if left unchecked. And power washing costs a lot lesser than costly repairs or repainting.

You should also consider power washing if you’re renovating or repainting your house or deck or the pool, as it’s generally better to start a remodeling project on a clean surface. It’s also an incredibly quick and efficient way to clean your property and increase its curb appeal and value.

Places You Haven’t Considered Power Washing, but You Should

When we consider power washing, we usually think of it in terms of cleaning the deck or the driveway or roof, but there is so much more potential when it comes to power washing.

For instance, if you have an outdoor playing area on your property for the kids, you absolutely need to power wash it. Because it’s a hub for bacteria and germs and can cause serious health concerns in children. The same goes for the pool, which is a great potential home for mold and mildew; power washing is an easy way to deep clean the pool.

Additionally, you should consider getting the Barbeque pit power washed. It’s a fine way of getting rid of all the grease and soot build-up in about 10-15 minutes. And while you have the professionals visiting, get your rugs power washed as well!

Why Leave Power Washing to The Professionals

Even though the equipment for power washing is easily available, there’s a lot more to it. You need experience and a lot of skill. With the slightest mistake, the water pressure can cause severe injuries to the person using the washer and those around him/her.

It may seem like a simple, even fun job—but it does take experience to know exactly how much pressure is needed to clear out a particular spot. And with too much pressure, you could end up damaging the property.

By hiring a professional, you’re not only getting the job done right without causing any further damage, but you’re also saving your time and yourself from any potential injuries.


If you’re not quite sure what to power-wash and who to call, get in touch with us at 773-641-2849 or 708-639-2315. At Smiling Windows, we provide power washing services in Chicago.

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Power Washing for Beginners—Tips and More