Why You Should Power Wash Your Home

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Shiny, spotless exterior of a home.

The devastating COVID-19 virus has taught humans the importance of cleaning and sanitizing themselves and their surroundings. Homeowners worldwide spent more time doing household cleaning chores during lockdowns.

You may think your super-powered water pipes are doing a great job of removing grime from the exterior of your properties, but, in reality, longstanding dust, dirt, animal droppings, damages, and stains require professional attention.

Power washing uses high-velocity water pressure combined with detergent and heat to remove accumulated debris buildup on the outside of your home. Here’s how you can decide if you actually need to hire power washing services.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Before and after image of a power wash service by Smiling Windows.

Over time, moisture and damage from harsh weather can cause permanent damage and unsightly stains on the property’s surfaces. Neglecting the exterior surface of your home can lead to mildew, fungus, algae, and mold build-up. When unchecked for years, mildew and mold can thrive by feeding on your walls’ finishing, paint, and concrete surfaces.

Not only will hiringprofessionalsadd life to your home’s exterior for years to come,but it will also reduce the risk of costly repairs and prevent big bill pile-ups from other remediation measures.

Family Comes First!

A man down with flu holding tissue.

Along with pollen, dust mites  and mold spores are some of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies in the USA. Power washing experts can ensure the safety of your loved ones and your pets by eliminating all the bacteria,allergens, and harmful grime buildup from your home’s exterior.

Time Is Money!

Before and after image of a power wash service by Smiling Windows.

Longstanding exposure to pollutants, smoke, wind, rain, dust, and other elements can reduce the curb appeal and value of your home. Endless scrubbing and usage of chemicals can damage the materials used on the surface of your house. Power washing services are quick, simple, chemical-free, and safe.

Power washing is a relatively cheaper way to improve your home’s value rather than renovations. Experts have revealed that pressure washing your home before contacting a real estate agent makes it easier to sell and increases its value by 6-10% on average.

Carefully done power washing job with expert techniques and state-of-the-art equipment can make your home shine! Experts at Smiling Windows have sound knowledge of how different materials react with pressure and cleaning solutions.

According to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 6000 people suffer from power washer related injuries every year. To ensure an increase in value and not cause more damage to the exterior of your home or yourself by trying a DIY, call us at 708-639-2315 for a free estimate. We’re Chicago’s top pressure washing company.

Additionally, we also offer an extensive range of residential and commercial window washing services, window screen repairs, solar panel cleaning services, and more. Contact us for an appointment, and don’t forget to save further with our ultimate deals.

Why You Should Power Wash Your Home