Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that having dirty solar panels can reduce your system’s performance by up to 25%?

How often should Solar Panels be cleaned?

For optimal performance, we recommend cleaning your solar panels every six months—that’s where our Solar Panel cleaning services in Chicago come in! Not only will it keep your panels at optimal performance levels, but it will also help you avoid costly repairs. Solar Panels cannot be cleaned with harsh chemicals, as that can cause cracks and dimming of the glass. More frequent but light handed cleaning is recommended.

How do we clean Solar Panels

When cleaning Solar Panels we always use purified water system and a soft brush. We never use pressure washer, as doing so could result in cracked glass. Abrasives and chemicals are also avoided, as both can result in ‘rough spots’ on the panels where dirt is likely to accumulate.

Also remember that you should never put pressure on the panels by stepping or putting weight on them.