Windows Wash – High Season

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Most of our regulars know to call early Spring or late Summer to avoid the busy season (May – July). Especially for larger homes, it really helps to get in front of the line. It’s ok to call a month ahead. Is there a big Memorial day weekend party happening? or the house will go on sale? Call ahead. Your windows will shine for that special event, and there won’t be a mad rush to get it done a day before.

But what if it’s May, and that party is in two weeks?! Don’t panic, we can still get it done, just might need to get creative. Here are some tips on how to schedule a last minute job:

  1. Make it a smaller job, do you need to wash all windows? Or may be just the 1st floor for the party and the rest can be scheduled for later date?
  2. Do the prep yourself. During an appointment much of the time is taken up by removing storm windows and storing them for the winter. If that is done ahead of time, the job can be schedules in a smaller time frame and you won’t be charged for the storms. (Just make sure to schedule a storm windows wash in the fall.)
  3. Break the job in two. Do you need power wash and windows wash done. We can schedule them for different days.
Windows Wash – High Season