Do Regular Cleanings Increase The Lifespan Of Your Windows?

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The straightforward answer to this question is: yes, absolutely!

Most residential windows are made of porous glass that is affected by the elements and constant exposure to various contaminants, such as dirt, dust, and airborne debris. Therefore, it’s important to get your home windows cleaned at least once every six months for general maintenance.

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Allowing dust and dirt to linger on your windows can actually shorten their lifespan and lead to a number of other issues.

How Airborne Contaminants Affect Window Glass

Over time, both interior and exterior window surfaces accumulate, dirt, grime and grit. The contaminants range from plain old dust to minerals from hard water, saltwater spray, nicotine from indoor smoking, rust, and air pollutants.

The buildup of these contaminants can wear down glass and lead to issues like stains, cracks, and etching over time.

Timely Window Cleaning = Reduced Wear And Tear

If you have carpets in your home, the chances are that you vacuum them at least twice a week (or more frequently if you young kids and pets) because you know they’ll wear down quickly if you don’t. You either keep your carpet maintained by removing the daily accumulation of grime, hair, dirt, and other contaminants, or you replace your carpet every couple of years.

Well, it’s a similar story with the glass panes of your windows. Getting them cleaned periodically prevents the buildup of grime and dirt, and that reduces the wear and tear, leading to a longer lifespan.

The Link Between Home Insulation Issues And Neglected Windows

When frost or condensation forms on the interior surface of windows, it’s a sure-fire sign of worn down seals or another insulation issue that’s been caused by dirt and grime accumulation. Windows need to be kept clean in order for them to perform optimally.

Moreover, the buildup of contaminants doesn’t just impact the insulative properties of the glass, but can also cause sliding tracks or hinges to jam, making it difficult to open and close the windows. Over time, these problems can damage the windows and decrease their longevity.

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Do Regular Cleanings Increase The Lifespan Of Your Windows?